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Sculpting wood is certainly one of the first activities learned by man.

first of all to get tools for everyday use, but also to express those artistic and cultural derivations for which man seems to be naturally endowed.
The art of wood carving belongs to our genetic heritage, although today few craftsmen learn its secrets and are able to continue this ancient tradition.

Sicily Inlays exploits its technical and technological knowledge, with the tradition that is handed down years and an innovation in the laser machines used, to create wood carving works inspired mainly by the Sicilian craft traditions, elaborating furniture and furnishing accessories to transform them in unique objects, the result of passion and skill in woodworking, expression of a solid and well-rooted culture, albeit open to continuous innovative influences.

Team work, moreover, has its advantage in sharing different knowledge, skills and predispositions. In a group, everyone puts their best skills and resources into play and, to be sure, the end result will always be better.

A single arrow breaks easily, but not ten arrows held together.
(Japanese proverb)

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