The company intends to produce wood inlays using the traditional method of tunneling and to spread the importance of the application of this technique which gives the finished products a great added value.
It is in this regard that for many years the same users of our semi-finished products cite and highlight within their catalogs the merit of such processing, creating in the final customer the right sensitivity that makes it appreciated and required.
With such premises, the company proposes itself to a very large clientele, formed by the small craftsman (cabinetmaker joiner) to the furniture industry, furniture for commuities, hotels, etc.

In this short video, the OKKUPATI transmission of Rai 3 of December 29, 2001, rewards our choice of craftsmanship. The video shows the newly born company with few resources but good prospects

The inlay or wooden inlay is a type of decoration that is created by combining minute pieces of wood or other materials of different colors.

Already in the fourteenth century between 1440 and 1550, it reached its peak in flowering, developing what will be defined by André Chastel as “the cubism of the Renaissance”.

Up until the 15th century, marquetry remained an artistic form practiced essentially only in Italy; later it spread, albeit very cautiously, even beyond the Alps.

Its peak with the great masters: Maggiolini, in Italy and Charles Boulle, in France

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