Sicily Inlays choose the best mastery to create objects and furniture tailored to the most precious houses. Much attention is paid to details, the woods used for the processing are still those of a time:

the erable and the rosewood, the horse – chestnut and the orange, the maple, the pear tree, the ebony; even the shades and the games of shadow are obtained, as once, by immersing every single piece of wood in the hot sand.

For almost two centuries, inlay is one of the major artistic activities of the Peninsula. The master inlayers handed down their art from father to son, to protect an ancient and prestigious product. In Sicily, we have always maintained that this art can give prominence to our island.

The creativity blends with innovation in the constant search for new trends, making continuous improvements in order to make their works even more exclusive and original, all taking into account the ancient processing methods in which quality and quality play a fundamental role. of the chosen materials, that the manual and artistic abilities of the D ‘Antone family

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